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Board of Council
The Board of Council is responsible for establishing AOSC’s development strategies. The Board of Council consists of a Chairman and several Vice Chairman (if necessary), and is approved by VUSTA’s appointment decision.
The Board of Council can suggest the appointment or dismissal of the Director.

Director Board
Consists of the Director and 2 Vice Directors with the responsibility to organize and direct all AOSC’s daily activities.

Director is appointed or dismissed from the office by VUSTA with a term lasts for 5 years based on the request of the Board of Council. The Director shall represent and bear the legal responsibility for all decisions. The Director is authorized to:
  • Develop and submit the strategy, the long-term, mid-term and annual development plans to the Board of Council. Direct the implementation of long-term strategies and development plans after being approved by the Board of Council;
  • Facilitate the Science Council to operate independently and objectively;
  • Sign bilateral and multi-lateral agreements on accreditation activities with other accreditation bodies;
  • Approval for accreditation certificate, decision on granting, suspension, withdrawal, reducing, expanding scope of accreditation in accordance with AOSC’s regulations;
  • Sign contracts for technical, training, assessment and accreditation services with international and domestic individuals and organizations pursuant to the current and relevant legal regulations;
  • Develop policies relating to AOSC’s operation and be responsible for the continuous supervision of the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • Bear the highest responsibility for the quality management system;
  • Guarantee the necessary resources for maintenance and improvement of the quality system and the quality of services provided by AOSC;
  • Approve document system of AOSC;
  • Make decisions on the designation of positions in Technical Committee and any other position to perform duties on behalf of the Director;
  • Be AOSC’s highest representative in bilateral, multi-lateral co-operations and activities of international and regional organizations;
  • Authorize departments or individuals with sufficient competence and authority, where appropriate, to conduct activities of on behalf of AOSC;
  • Direct the activities and other matters concerning the Office’s daily operation, the financial accounting management systems of an independent accounting unit pursuant to the law of financial regulations;
  • Establish forms of reward and penalty, issue regulations of AOSC;
  • Select Vice Directors and Chief Accountant to be approved by the Board of Council and submit to VUSTA for the decision of designation;
  • Make decision on the designation or dismissal of other managerial positions (except the Vice Director and Chief Accountant positions);
  • Issue the decision of establishment or disbandment for the Office’s specialized units;Recruit, sign and terminate employment contracts in accordance with regulations of the Labor Law;
  • Other rights and responsibilities pursuant to the Office’s Charter, the legal regulations of Vietnam, and the Charter of VUSTA.

Vice Director
  • The Vice Directors are designated or dismissed by the VUSTA based on the request of the Director and after the approval of the Board of Council. The Vice Directors will assist the Director in the Office’s management as assigned or authorized by the Director;
  • The Vice Directors are responsible to the Director and to the legal regulations of Vietnam for duties assigned or authorized by the Director.

Science Council
  • The Science Council is the supervision division of the accreditation activities of the Office, operating according to the Operational Regulations of the Science Council (GR-04);
  • The Science Council consists of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and other members, appointed by the Director;
  • The Chairman of Science Council serves a five-year term, can be re-elected with an unlimited number of terms, and can be dismissed from office before expiration of the term. The rights and responsibilities of the Chairman of Science Council are regulated in GR-04;
  • The Vice Chairman conducts the tasks authorized by the Chairman and acts on behalf of the Chairman to direct the operation of the Council when the Chairman is absent;
  • When supervising the accreditation activities and review the record (see 4.4.7), the members of Science Council shall not interfere with or participate in the accreditation process. All information and data collected during the supervision shall be kept confidential and only delivered to Director and the Chairman of Science Council. The Science Council members shall not review accreditation records of the assessment that they supervised.

Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is established under the Science Council and consists of internal and external individuals who are professionals in specific fields to assist the Director in ensuring the impartiality in the process of making decisions of accreditation;
Member of the Technical Committee are individuals with thorough understanding of relevant field of accreditation such as laboratories, calibration, medical as well as knowledge and experience in quality management, understanding of standards and requirements applied to the management system in relevant fields and understanding of Vietnam’s legal system;
The Technical Committee is authorized to:
  1. Validate the technical documents to assist the assessment and accreditation activities;
  2. Comment on specialized relevant technical documents compiled by other organizations;
  3. Validate the accreditation records before the Director making decisions of accreditation. While validating records, the Technical Committee can require the assessment team, clients, Accreditation Department to provide further information, records and justification of assessment results if necessary;
  4. Technical Committee can provide technical consultancy as requested by the Science Council in resolving complaints.

Admin Department
The Admin Department has a Chief appointed by Director.
The Admin Department is responsible for:
  • Ensure the necessary resources for the smooth and effective operation of the Office;
  • Assist the Director in preparing and issuing relevant documents in the assigned scope, documenting and archiving meeting minutes to oversee and facilitate the implementation;
  • Represent the Office in the relationships with the authority and relevant parties;
  • Organize and assist the recruitment process, manage the Office’s personnel records;
  • Review the legality before signing contracts;
  • Manage the Office’s finance, the purchase and usage of assets, instruments, equipment, stationary for the Office’s activities;
  • Organize and manage training programs;
  • Manage the logistic and transportation for assessors in assessment activity;
  • Ensure the effectiveness of internal information exchange;
  • Manage the seal, the incoming and outgoing documents in accordance with AOSC’s regulations;
  • Participate in resolving complaints as assigned;
  • Conduct other tasks as assigned by the Director.
The Chief Accountant is in Admin Department, bears the independent responsibility in conducting the Office’s financial and accounting tasks in accordance with the State’s regulations on finance and accounting. The Chief Accountant is designated or dismissed by VUSTA’s Chairman based on the request of the Director after the approval of the Board of Council.

Customer Service Department
Chief of Customer Service Department is selected and appointed by the Director.
The Customer Service Department is responsible for:
  • Discussing, signing contacts and guiding clients to complete the procedures for application of accreditation, or training (if applicable);
  • Establishing the business plan to submit to the Director for approval; Implementing the development of business following the orientation of the Office;
  • Suggesting policies for clients to the Director;
  • Organizing training activities on professional skills, competence and legal knowledge for the staff;
  • Conducting marketing activities and customer services;
  • Receiving information on complaints, appeals and participating in the process of resolving complaint and appeal settlement when assigned;
  • Conducting market development for new services, training services;
  • Conducting other tasks as assigned by the Director.

Accreditation Department
Accreditation Department (AD), headed by a Chief and Deputy Chief (if applicable) that appointed by the Director.
AD has the following responsibilities:
  • Organize and implement the provision of AOSC’s accreditation services;
  • Manage the activities of assessors, technical experts;
  • Handle accreditation application records;
  • Document and send request on assessor for the Director to approve for accreditation schemes;
  • Review the conformity of assessment records. Issue document for reject accreditation;
  • Submit accreditation proposal (granting, suspension, extending, reducing) to the Director;
  • Coordinate with Customer Service Department to develop AOSC’s new services;
  • Undertake the role of the Science Council’s Secretary;
  • Conduct other tasks as assigned by the Director.

Representative office in Ho Chi Minh City
The representative office in Ho Chi Minh City has a chief who is selected and appointed by the Director.
. The representative office has the following responsibilities:
  • Seek for new clients and provide customer services to the clients that already using AOSC’s services;
  • Receive feedback from clients;
  • Organize Certificate granting ceremony for clients (as request);
  • Provide logistics to AOSC’s assessment team;
  • Organize logistics services to guest reception, conferences, meetings, trainings in the representative office;
  • Ensure the hygiene, security, working environment at the representative office;
  • Manage the representative office’s staff; oversee the staff compliance to the regulations of AOSC;
  • Conduct other tasks as assigned by the Director.

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