Impartiality Policy

1.    The Science Council of AOSC with the participation of members from different interested parties operating independently of the accreditation activities shall act as supervisor of AOSC’s accreditation activities;
2.    AOSC established regulations related to accreditation that meets and in conformity with ISO/IEC 17007:2009;
3.    AOSC ensures that all clients and organizations interested in accreditation will have access to accreditation scheme provided by AOSC regardless of the scale, geographical location or ownership, with no discrimination;
4.    AOSC is responsible for the individuals participating in AOSC accreditation process and ensures that they are not under any financial, commercial or business pressure or other pressure that may affect the impartiality, confidentiality or may cause casualty to AOSC’s clients;
5.    AOSC is responsible for its decisions of accreditation, and ensures that decisions of accreditation shall be made by competent personnel who do not participate in the assessment process;
6.    AOSC conduct risk analysis to identify the potential threat to impartiality in its accreditation activities;
7.    AOSC does not provide consultancy services in any form for organizations that are accredited by AOSC;
8.    AOSC does not manifest links to consultancy services in any form, and commits that AOSC’s staff participating in the accreditation process will not suggest or imply any link to consultancy service;
9.    AOSC does not provide conformity assessment services that are similar to those of AOSC’s clients.

Source: AOSC

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